Lessons From the Death of Christ

Lessons From the Death of Christ

Acts 5:30- The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.

That word slew there is a past tense of the word slay. Slay is defined as “to kill violently”. This is important to note for a couple reasons: 1. As we look at the brutality of the death of Jesus, it makes me think of a bit of information I learned years ago. It was something along the lines of if a Murder is brutal, usually it’s done by someone who knew the individual and had a vendetta against them. 2. This is the most important reason for this devotion. The lashes, the Crown of Thornes hammered into the head of Christ, the long, tiring march to that Hill and the brutal, violent death on the Cross all points to one thing: The Sin of man.

The brutal death of Christ was brought about by men that had a vendetta against Christ. The religious elites at the time weren’t fond of His teachings. In fact, He went against their teachings, because they were teaching falsehoods, a little scripture mixed with a lot of mans philosophies. But a man such as Christ would have been told he was crazy in that day and just Imprisoned. But there was something different about this Man.

He changed lives by revealing Sin in individuals lives. He performed unbelievable miracles. He was the Messiah. But not the messiah that the people were looking for. They were looking for a messiah that would rule and reign, bring them out of bondage from Rome. Yet this messiah said that He had come to die. They were looking for a Jesus that they had made up in their Minds. A Jesus they Desired and not a Jesus that they ultimately needed. And I believe that sometimes we do that in our lives and in the church today yet.

But the Last hours of Christs life and the brutality of it, is still a much-needed message for our lives today. I understand that meditating on a blood stained cross, may not be the devotion you were intending to read today, but it’s where our salvation starts and the example of where we are to put sin is shown.

Christs Death has many symbolisms of our Christian life. We’re told to take up our Cross daily. The blood-stained Cross is there to remind us of our sin. It may not be popular to be reminded of shortcomings, but without Christ “there’s no good person on this Earth, no not one.”. In the Old Testament we are shown that what was left of the sacrifice had to be take out of the Camp, just as our sin sacrifice, Christ was led out of the Camp. In His lashings and death, he showed the World the wages of Sin, but in His resurrection, He showed the Victory over sin and death lies in Him!

What I want you to know today is that if we have sin in our life, it must be taken out of the Camp. Everyday that we wake up, we must start by taking up the Cross, meaning we should start our day with Christ in some facet. And remember that His mercies are new each morning. Again, the old blood stained Cross does show us our sin, but it also shows us a savior who bore that Sin for us. If you’ve never accepted Christ, just say this simple prayer. “God, I admit that I am a sinner and that I need the Grace and Mercy of Jesus. Today I believe I am born again and have been given new life through the Finished work of the Cross. Amen. “

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